What Makes Us Different?

Just like a chemist in a lab, the makeup professionals at Belleci Cosmetics create and mix products from scratch, and it’s done all right before your eyes!  Belleci Cosmetics doesn’t mass produce anything. Instead you receive products that are specially formulated just for you. Belleci Cosmetics has the ability to design color for any clients’ needs and desires.  (MORE)

Custom Makeup

We can custom match your skin tone and give you the perfect texture and color with free adjustments. We will not only match your skin tone perfectly but also give you as much or as little coverage as you want. We can create custom foundation, custom mineral powders, custom concealers, custom bronzers, custom eye shadows, custom blush, custom lipsticks, custom gloss, and custom lip additives.  (MORE)

Color Matching

Whatever your favorite color is, we can make it. Did you find a color you love in a magazine, do you want to match your nail polish or an article of clothing? Bring it in, put Belleci to the test. We will match the color just for you!